Neighborhood Resource Centers


Neighborhood Resource Centers (NRCs) are friendly and caring places where people, of all ages, go to gain knowledge and resources that empower them to live healthier, more prosperous, and meaningful lives.

NRCs are also places where local residents and their neighboring schools, churches, nonprofits, businesses, and government connect, learn from each other, and collaborate for the goodwill of others. This new context empowers increased cooperation for developing a more comprehensive approach for helping people achieve a better quality of life and brighter future.

NRCs  conveniently located throughout the Shoals are networked for common purposes:

  1. Gather and distribute vital information - NRCs serve as a "central repository" of important information about needs within our neighborhoods and local community assets available to meet those needs.

  2. Provide support services and referrals - All NRCs are unique. Their purpose and mission is tailored to their surroundings, people's needs, and neighborhood challenges. All NRCs are part of the Shoals Care Network, a large network of helping agencies, working together to provide a more comprehensive approach to social and economic well-being. So, no matter which NRC people walk into, they will have access to information and referrals to appropriate services for particular needs.

  3. Serve as catalysts for change - There is growing consensus all across the Shoals for our coming together across all the boundaries that for so long have divided us and collectively move forward in meeting the needs of our neighbors here in the Shoals. NRCs will help coordinate better communication, cooperation, and collaboration among many different helping agencies so that best practices can be shared and sustainable solutions can be created.

NRCs will help encourage and mobilize local citizens, community and faith-based leaders, business people, and elected officials to partner together in building vibrant healthy neighborhoods where everyone feels safe, welcome, and valued.

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